Leslie (dharma_beat) wrote in dylanpics,

I don't post here often enough!

Dylan ahoy

Click to see larger images

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Wait, wait, wait I did something wrong - let me re-do this.
Oh for the love of...I messed it up again, but now I'm too lazy to put 'em back under a cut. Sorry!
Sorry, you can't be too lazy to put them under a cut, please lj-cut all up the first two or three of these or delete the post. (Or I will.) It's a great spam so I'd hate to lose it. Thanks!
No prob :D I actually got it to work this time (who knows why I have so much trouble with Livejournal!) lol
Yay! Thanks very much. :D
you're quite welcome :)
i'm just a bit envious of that girl in the first picture
:) same here

Deleted comment

LOL yeah I don't know what's up with his hat. I don't know where it was taken, but that's Clydie King with him.

Deleted comment

I know, it's probably my new favorite photo of him!