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Bob Dylan Pictures
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This information was mostly copied from beatlepics. Some of it was modified. All of it may be changed later to better reflect the needs and rules of this community.

Welcome to the Bob Dylan Pictures Community, where Bob Dylan fans can share any pictures from their own Bob Dylan picture collection. The rarer and higher quality the picture, the better. Really creative fans can also share any artwork they've done based on Bob Dylan. We also allow LJ icons to be posted, provided you post at least three at time, and that any icons over three be LJ-cut. When posting a picture, please make sure that your images aren't too large.

Here is a good example of a nice sized pic. If your pictures are larger than this or wider use an LJ-cut, which you can find out about in this LiveJournal FAQ. If you are told to use an LJ and you do not comply within an hour and half of the posts date and time then it will be deleted. You can repost your pictures later with the LJ-cut in place but I cannot recover your deleted post (or the comments).

Please do not make requests for Bob Dylan music or videos to be uploaded here. Posts like this will be deleted without warning, thanks.

Regarding picture requests. You are perfectly welcome to make a picture request (i.e. "Can someone please post pictures of Bob Dylan with John Lennon?") but if you make a request you have to include photos of Dylan in your post. Requests without photos will be deleted!

Most of all, be respectful and friendly to other posters.

Also, please note: This is a pictures community. We post pictures. Any kind of pictures (relating to Bob Dylan, his family and very close friends). This is not bobdylan, which is for general discussion of things Dylan. This community has its own identity. Any posts that do not have an image to show off to the community will be considered off-topic and deleted!! This includes picture-less introduction posts! Please share at least one photo when you post on the community, or at least three LJ icons.

Rules on promoting other communties: PROMOTING OTHER COMMUNITIES IS NOT ALLOWED unless they are communities that directly relate to Bob Dylan (i.e. Jakob Dylan communities, 60's musician communities, a Bob Dylan guitars fanlisting, etc.) AND the post with the promotions include (at least) THREE Bob Dylan pictures and the PROMOTION picture/link itself is under an LJ-cut. Everything else will be deleted WITHOUT WARNING.
NEW RULE REGARDING PROMOTIONS: All promotions should be discussed with the moderator (van) before being posted. Not to be anal, but I need to filter it down to communities which may have something to do with Bob Dylan, but will most likely not appeal to most of this communities members, such as a rating community for Bob Dylan/music fans.

Regarding deleted posts: Most posts will be deleted with a warning -- i.e. "Please post a picture with your picture request" and you can repost it. Some posts, however, will be deleted without a warning -- i.e. if we get spam, or a totally irrelevent community promo post, etc. Also, the moderator has authority to edit other user's posts to fix HTML errors or to put large images behind LJ-cuts, etc.

maintainer: van
(some interests "borrowed" from the bobdylan community.)